Gantry type Vision Measuring Machine

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Equipment : Gantry type Automatic Video Measuring Machine
Brand : Sobekk Precision
P/N : AM600CNC, AM800CNC, AM1000CNC, AM1200CNC, AM1500CNC, AM2000CNC

Fully automatic Non-contact XYZ measurement for large sample like LCD panel, PCB board, Flexible circuit film, etc.
Ultra high precision gantry center drive structure.
Workpiece is stationary.
Resolution : 0.5um metal linear scale
Motorized zoom lens
1.3MP Digital camera
Navigation lens for workpiece mappinng
Latest Windows OS

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Features :

  • Ultra High Precision Gantry design Series
  • Floor stand with workstation console.
  • 3-axis, CNC control for fully automatic measurement
  • With navigation body tube for map navigation to ease programming
  • Stage Travel : 500mmx600mm to 1500x2000mm
  • Covered linear guide way for safety
  • Support optional Laser sensor for precise Z-axis measurement.
Specification :

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Gantry type Vision Measuring Machine

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