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Equipment : ENT Microscope
Brand : Inspect

P/N : SM-03-0180

3 step magnification changer 
2 objective lenses
0 to 180 degree tilting binocular.
Optional connection to Monitor or PC 

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Specification :
Microscopes Body (including Binocular microscope, objective lens, eyepiece
Magnification changer 0.6x, 1.0x, 1.6x
Objective lens 200mm and 250mm
Fine focus 10 mm
Binocular 0 to 180° inclined ; f’=160 mm
Adjustable range for pupil distance 50 mm -80 mm
Eyepiece magnification 12.5X, Adjustable diopter +/-7D
Filter Green and Yellow
Total magnification 6x,10x,16x ; 4.8x,8x,12.8x
Diameter of field 40mm, 24mm, 15mm ; 50mm, 30mm, 19mm
Coaxial illumination 10W LED lamp, more than 50,000lux, adjustable
Filter Green and Yellow
Power Supply AC 100V to 240V
Arm and Stand
Arm 2-part arm with universal joints, adjustable and lockable counterweight
Stand 2-part column fitted on the five-star base with caster wheel 
Magnification & Field of View
Magnification of eyepiece 12.5X/20mm
Focal length of objective F=200mm F=250mm F=300mm (optional) F=400mm (optional)
Magnification on handwheel 1.6X 1X 0.6X 1.6X 1X 0.6X 1.6X 1X 0.6X 1.6X 1X 0.6X
Total magnification 16X 10X 6X 12.8X 8X 4.8X 10.7X 6.7X 4X 8X 5X 3X
Linear field (mm) 15 24 40 19 30 50 23 37 60 30 48 80
Optional Accessories :
Beam Splitter, Camera adaptor, Digital Camera with PC (can save image in PC) or HDMI Digital Camera and monitor

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ENT Microscope

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