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Compound Microscope :

10X wide field eyepieces Φ22mm field of view - see bigger area, more eye comfort. 
Plan achromatic objective.
4X, 10X, 40X & 100X objective.
Total magnification : 40X, 100X, 400X & 1000X
Quadruple inward facing nosepiece - more ergonomics, less obstruction.
New upgrade to 30W Halagen illumination or LED illumination
Suitable for laboratory, medical and University daily usage.
Widely use in animal clinic / veterinary clinic.
Optional camera allow large image viewing on big monitor, image saving to SD card/Pen drive/PC.

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Standard Configuration:
Eyepiece Wide field WF10X( FN : Φ22mm) 
Infinity plan achromatic objective PL 4X/0.10                        WD :19.8 mm
PL 10X/0.25                      WD :  5.0mm
PL 40X/0.65 (Spring)        WD : 0.66 mm
PL 100X/1.25(Spring, oil)  WD : 0.36mm
Eyepiece tube Binocular model Binocular (Inclination of 30˚)
Trinocular model Trinocular (Inclination of 30˚) with Camera Port
Focus system Coaxial coarse/fine focus, with tension adjustable and upper limit setting.
Minimum division of fine focusing: 2μm.
Nosepiece Quadruple ; Backward facing
Stage Double layer mechanical stage. Overall size : 210mmX140mm.
Travel range : 75mmX50mm
Abbe condenser N.A.1.25 Rack & pinion adjustable
Filter Blue filter, Frosted filter
Collector Collector for halogen lamp illumination and integrated field diaphragm
Light source 6V 30W Halogen lamp or LED lighting with brightness control

Optional :
Eyepiece WF16X(Φ11mm)
Filter Green filter
Yellow filter
Condenser Dark field Dry
Phase contrast unit Eyepiece Centering telescope
Objectives Phase contrast plan achromatic 10X/0.25 PHP
Phase contrast plan achromatic 20X/0.40 PHP(Spring)
Phase contrast plan achromatic 40X/0.65 PHP(Spring)
Phase contrast plan achromatic 100X/1.25 PHP(Spring, oil)
Turn plate phase contrast condenser(PH-)
Turn plate phase contrast condenser(PH-)
Flashboard phase contrast condenser
Pull board phase contrast condenser
 Microscope camera Full HD HDMI Camera with LCD monitor (PC not required)
Digital Camera 1.3MP/3.2MP/5MP/16MP with measurement software (PC required)
Facility polarize Polarizer(360° relatable stage)

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Compound Microscope

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