Flash Measuring Machine

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Quick Overview:

One Key Measurement 

A. Fast, effective
1) Place the object at will without any workpiece holder.
2) Max 512 features at once.
3) Quick and precise measurement for batch workpieces in CNC mode.
B. Accurate, consistent
1) Anybody can get the consistent results by one-key operation
2) Automatic focusing: Avoid deviation because of different focusing.
3) Automatic feature identification: Consistent results from
different measurement and different operators.
C. Full functions, automatic report
1) User-friendly software, powerful functions, simple operation
2) In CNC mode, Quick and precise measurement for batch
workpieces according to pre-set template by one-key operation
3) Automatically output SPC analysis report, which contains
statistical values (such as Ca, Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, etc.) and
control charts (such as mean and range charts, mean and
standard deviation chart, median and range chart, single value
and moving range chart).
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Flash Measuring Machine
  • Sensor :5 million pixel CMOS
  • Double Telecentric lens
  • 10.4'' or 24'' LCD monitor display
  • Direct illumination (green) ; 4 segment ring illuminaton (white)
  • Video field :φ100*L200mm
  • Resolution:0.1μm
  • Accuracy of measurement :5μm
  • Repeatability of measurement : 2μm
  • Motorized XYZ movement.
  • Auto Focus
Also, Available :
  • Dual Lens high precision model
  • Large stage model
  • Heigh measurement with Renishaw MCP Probe
  • DXF file import options

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Flash Measuring Machine

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