Salt Spray Testing Chamber

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Technical Parameters

Model THS-900A THS-900B
Inner Size W×H×Dmm 900×500×600 900×500×600
External W×H×Dmm 1500×1000×1300 1500×1000×1300
Temperature Range RT+15 +80 0 +80
-20 /-40 is optional
Humidity Range 60%98%R.H. 20%98%R.H.6580
Material PVC / PPR Assembly welding (Or Glass cylinder mold forming)
Temp. Humi Analytic Accuracy /
Distribution Uniformity
 0.10.1% R.H
Temp. Humi Control Accuracy ±0.5; ±2.5%R.H.
Pressure Bucket Temperature Saline Test MethodNSS  ACSS47±1Corrosion Test MethodCASS63±1
Compressor PressureKgf 1.06.0
Spray Volume 1.02.0ml/80/hworking at least 16 hours, and take the average value
Spray Method Continues Spray / Programmable Spray

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Salt Spray Testing Chamber

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