Walk In Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

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Equipment : Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber
Brand : Asli Testing

Temperature Range : Low Temperature(A:25°C  B:0°C  C:-20°C  D:-40°C  E:-60°C  F:-70°C) ; High Temperature 150°C
Humidity Range : 20%~98%R.H. ; 10%-98% R.H. ; 5%-98% R.H.

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Technical Parameters

 Model  THR-volume (low-temperature options : A ~ F)  
 Inner Dimensions(cm)  Customers designated space size and design 
 Temperature Range  Low Temperature(A:25°C  B:0°C  C:-20°C D:-40°C  E:-60°C  F:-70°C)   High Temperature 80°C (80°C ~150°C is optional)
 Humidity Range  20%~98%R.H.     (10%-98% R.H. / 5%-98% R.H ,is a special optional condition, need dehumidifier)
Indication Resolution/Distribution Uniformity of Temperature & Humidity
 0.1°C; 0.1% R.H/±2.5°C; ±3.5% R.H.
 Control Accuracy of 
Temperature and Humidity
 ±0.5°C; ±2.5% R.H.
Temperature Rising / Falling Velocity Temperature rising approx.  0.1~3.0°C/min
 temperature falling approx.  0.1~1.0°C/min;
 ( The Falling Velocity Min.1.0°C /min is a optional)
 Cooling System  Water cooled
 Protection Devices  Fuse-free switch, overloading protection switch  for compressor,high and low 
 voltage coolant protection switch, over-humidity & over-temperature protection
 switch, fuses,  fault warning system, water short storage warning protection
 Optional Accessories  Slope for cart , Recorder, Water Purifier, Dehumidifier
 Compressor  French Tecumseh Brand, Germany Bizer Brand

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Walk In Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

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