Automatic Wafer Sorter, Mactronix

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  • The Automatic Wafer Sorter machine transfer wafers between two 25-slot cassettes stacked vertically.  Depending on sort routine selected, one cassette may be swapped out for another within the same sort operation.
  • User friendly, menu driven programming for operator and maintenance mode provides complete flexibility.
  • Transfers may be accomplished through keypad commands and may be programmed for specific, customized sequences.
  • The Operator menu allows wafer sorting and combining by one of two methods:
          1.)  Manual
          2.)  Preprogrammed Sort Routines
  • The Technician menu enables rapid machine diagnostics and testing.
  • Wafers are memory mapped and monitored while in the cassettes and are vacuum sensed and monitored during robotic transfers to inhibit accidental damage.
  • When wafers need to be specifically orientated in a cassette, optical flat finding is by one of four programmed positions

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Automatic Wafer Sorter, Mactronix

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