CNC Video Measuring Machine, Sobekk AG Series

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  • High Precision AG CNC Series
  • Floor stand with workstation console.
  • Granite base and column
  • 3-axis, CNC control for fully automatic measurement
  • With navigation body tube for map navigation to ease programming
  • Stage Travel : 300mmx200mm, 400mmx300mmx 500mmx400mm
  • Resolution : 0.001mm/0.0005 or 0.0001mm.
  • Accuracy XY : 1.5+L/250 um
  • Accuracy   Z : Optics : 2.0+L/250 um ; Laser : 1.5+L/250 um
  • Programmable zoom lens 0.7X to 6.5X. Total Magnification 24X to 145X
  • Profile illumination : Programmable LED cold light, 256 level brightness control
  • Surface illumination : 4 Ring, 8 Segments programmable cold LED light, 256 level brightness control
  • 1.3 millions Pixels Digital Camera
  • Support optional Laser sensor for precise Z-axis measurement.

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CNC Video Measuring Machine, Sobekk AG Series

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