Thin film Thickness Measurement System

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Equipment : Thin Film Thickness Measurement System with Microscope
Brand : MPO, USA
P/N : MP100-ME

Leader in Low cost optical spectrometer solution for thin film measurement.

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  • Come standard with a microscope.
  • It provides state-of-the-art functions to measure such materials as filled cell gap on LCD, polyimide on ITO, color filter CIE chromaticity, and color filter thickness.
  • It also able to measure common materials like Oxide, Nitride, Photoresist and Polysilicon films.
  • The powerful software algorithms can perform single, double, and triple layer thickness calculations.
  • Scanning Range : 380nm to 950nm, standard
  • Optional Range : The  option exists for different scanning ranges depending on different gratings chosen, such as : 200-575 nm, 250-800 nm, 530-1000 nm, 200-450 nm, or the combination of these gratings can provide a scanning range from 200-1000 nm
  • Spectrum Resolution : 2 nm
  • Precision : 0.1 nm
  • Measurement Speed : 2 sec.
  • Measurement Spot Size : Varies by Magnification; 50 microns at 5x magnification, 25 microns at 10x magnification, and 7 microns at 40x magnification
  • For greater precision, inquire about Custom Built Unit
  • Viewing Methods : 2.7'' inches wide video view screen and regular trinocular microscope lens can be used to view the measurement spot.

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Thin film Thickness Measurement System

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