Thin Film Thickness Measurement System

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Equipment : Thin Film Thickness Measurement System
Brand : MPO, USA
P/N : MP100-ST

Leader in low cost optical spectrometer solution for thin film measurement.

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  • Comes standard with a portable spectrometer, an optical probe mounted on a manual X-Y stage, and a notebook computer installed with Measurement software.
  • Software contains hundreds of pre-loaded film recipes with the ability to create and edit new ones.
  • The system measures Oxide, Nitride, Photoresist, Polysilicon, CIE chromaticity, cell gap, color filter, and polyimide/ITO Thickness, etc.
  • Scanning Range : 380nm to 950nm, standard
  • Optional Range : It is optional to choose different gratings for different ranges of scanning, such as:  200-575, 250-800, 530-1000, 200-450, the combination of the range can add up the range from 200 nm to 1000 nm
  • Spectrum Resolution :2 nm
  • Precision : 0.1 nm
  • Measurement Speed : 2 sec.
  • Measurement Spot : 3 to 5 mm diameter

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Thin Film Thickness Measurement System

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