Profile Projector, Horizontal

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Category: Manual Measuring Equipment

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Equipment : Profile Projector
Brand : Sobekk Precision, China
P/N : PP-SP26

400mm Horizontal Profile Projector with 250mm x 150mm travel stage.

Tag: #optical comparator  #Horizontal profile projector 

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  • 400mm diameter screen
  • Erect image
  • 24V 100W profile illumination
  • 24V 150W surface illumination
  • Stage Travel : 250x150mm.
  • Stage Size : 450mm x 150mm
  • Stage Work Load : 15kg
  • Focus Range : 80mm
  • Resolution : 1um / 0.5um
  • Accuracy : 3 + L/75 um
  • Standard 10X lens. Optional 20X, 50X and 100X lens
  • Geometrical functions DRO for distance, width, diameter, radius, angle, midpoint, center to center distance, etc.

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Profile Projector, Horizontal

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