Video Measuring Machine

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Video Measuring Machine
Factory : Sobekk Precision, China
Model : E200, E300, E400, E500
             EP200, EP300, EP400. EP500
             S300, S400, S500

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  • Integrated granite base and column ensures machine stability.
  • With SBK-E multifunctional 2.5D measuring software, automatic edge detection and vision height measurement function.
  • With removable & dismountable console support table.
  • High-definition detent step zoom lens, 0.7X to 4.5X. Image Magnification 24X to 158X
  • High-resolution Color CCD performs high-definition measurement.
  • Supports different file formats of data output such as MS Word, Excel, CAD etc. DXF import for quick inspection.
  • E200, E300, E400, E500 for Video 2.5D measurement.
  • EP200, EP300, EP400, EP500 - with Renishaw probe 3D measurement
  • S300, S400, S500 – Motorized Z axis for auto focusing.
  • Stage Travel : 200mmx100mm, 300mmx200mm, 400mmx300mm, 500mm x400mm
  • Resolution : 1um. Optional : 0.5um
  • Accuracy XY : ( 3 + L/200 )um
  • Accuracy Z : (5 + L/200)um
  • Profile light : Cold LED illumination, 256 level brightness adjustment.
  • Surface light : Cold independent control segmented LED illumination , 256 level brightness adjustment,
  • Geometrical functions DRO for distance, width, diameter, radius, angle, midpoint, center to center distance, etc.

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Video Measuring Machine

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