3-axis Measuring software

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3-axis Metrology Software for various type of Measuring microscope
Application : To replace XYZ DRO of measuring microscope
Factory : Zview, USA
Model : DMP3000 (for 3 axis software)
Model : DMP2000 (for 2 axis software)

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  • Display of X, Y, Z measurement.
  • Inch/metric, Cartesian / polar coordinate selectable
  • One window for life image viewing and another window for graphical of measured features.
  • Measure almost all general geometry features like point, distance, diameter, radius, angle, area, mid-point, concentricity, etc.
  • Edge detection for sub-pixel accurate measurement
  • Save, open, run part program capability.
  • Image annotation, Data export, customer report and many more features.
  • PC base – Manual recording of measurement result is no required.

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3-axis Measuring software

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