Double View Measuring Microscope

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Equipment : Double View Microscope
Brand : Union Optical, Japan
P/N : DCM-40, DCM-60, DCM-3015

An unique Microscope with top and bottom objective to measure Top and Bottom pattern offset and Mis-match.
Direct measurement result in seconds. No flipping of workpiece.

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  • A unique measuring microscope with one objective above the measuring stage like any conventional measuring microscope and another objective installed below the measuring stage.
  • The “Two objective, single Camera” design allows top and bottom image to be viewed separately or combined to output on one display.
  • Widely used for top and bottom image pattern comparison, top and bottom image pattern matching inspection.
  • Top and bottom pattern offset and miss-match can also be measure accurately
  • Resolution : 1um, 0.5um, 0.1um
  • Stage travel : 100 x 100mm, 150x150mm and 300mm x 150mm
  • No Sample flipping required for top and bottom surface pattern comparison or measurement.
  • Objective : 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x objective

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Double View Measuring Microscope

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