Refurbished Hisomet for Sale


Refurbished Hisomet XYZ Measuring Microscope.
Model : DH2-1050

Features & Specification :

  • Microscope base and column.
  • Cross roller and rack & pinion assembly unit.
  • Course and fine movement optical head.
  • Precise focus indicator for highly accurate depth measurements.
  • Trinocular viewing head with C-mount tube. (Can add camera)
  • 10X eyepiece paired. One empty and one cross line reticle.
  • Reflected illumination
  • 4-positions revolving nosepiece.
  • PLM5X objective, WD 19.8mm
  • PLM10X objective, WD 12mm.
  • PL LWDM 20X objective, WD 11.2mm
  • 50X objective (optional)
  • 100mm x 50mm travel measuring stage with 1 micron resolution linear encoder
  • Stage size : 285mm x 205mm, Stage Glass : 170mm x 120mm
  • 10mm travel Z-axis linear encoder with 1micron resolution
  • 3-axis Digital Readout Counter(NEW)

Price : Negotiable.